"5 CUPS and some sugar" makes tea as we like it. And now it's crowdfunding.

For people with a taste for play: 5 guys from Berlin had a vision after a tea plantation visit. Dusty anonymous tea bags and flavored mixtures should be over with immediate effect. Instead, everyone should be able to discover and realize their very own taste and favorite tea. "The tea bag manufacturers think a lot about what could taste you and everyone else. But who knows that better than you? "Hm, yes - is true somehow. But how can you develop such an individual approach into a viable concept? Quite simply: you found yourself a company, looking for a tea factory, the best products and services guaranteed and programmed a beautiful webshop. Then the whole thing is still sounding 5 CUPS and some sugar . Done!

And that's the nice result: Im 5 CUPS online shop, you can assemble your individual favorite tea from over 50 high quality ingredients.

Any wild mix and combination for hot drinks, ice tea or cocktails is conceivable. 11 loose teas from all over the world form the basis, to which one chooses colorfully herbs, fruits, spices, flowers and aromas in the mixing box. Then decide quickly whether it should be 50g, 100g or 200g and off to the text.

If you want, thinks up even a funny name for his tea and leaves him on one personal HangTag print. With that you can spend a funny half hour ...

Now, quickly pick your favorite box and look forward to ringing the postman.

For those who do not like experimentation has 5 CUPS also has ready-made varieties on offer. The fun with onomatopoeic names such as "A BURSCHE WITH TASTE" or "TANTE SHANTI WAX AND FLINK" and will soon be offered in the upscale food retail. Or how about "THE BEAUTIFUL COUNTESS AND THE SOUTH"? By the way, my personal crazy iced tea favorite is "IF THE SULTANTS ROCK IS BURNING". I'm looking forward to asking the girl at the cash register in the supermarket of trust afterwards. Just to see what she looks like.

By the way, the 5 guys recently had a good idea again: Because 5 CUPS now - like more and more startups - is on crowfunding. And this is how it works: Many ordinary people spend small and medium sums of money on companies and get either tangible or financial returns afterwards. Especially young companies with a special idea are making themselves independent of classical investors or can even see the light of day. How Crowdfunding works exactly, you can read in detail in this article about Berlin arsonists.

So if you want to get started with a simple or fun money with his pocket or play money or the passbook of the heiress in a tainty tea business, now has the opportunity:

From 3 June to 2 July you can join the 5 cup crowdfunding on Companisto (and maybe get rich and beautiful).
All the info there it here: www.companisto.com/5CUPS