Best BBQ karma is, among other things, a matter of the right harness. I agree.

It always depends on where you live. I do not know about you, but the park around the corner after a sunny weekend always looks like there were at least 12 hordes of wild Moluccas. Yes, I realize that the poor Moluccas are being pulled up very wrongly. But it gives you a rough idea: tons of garbage, paper plates, plastic cups, bottles, aluminum grills, and stuff. At this sight, the inner block warden always actually cooks up for me. Why is the garbage there? That is of course because of my education. My parents always and always emphasized that everything you brought with you was taken for granted. I do not feel it as an expression of my coolness and freedom to spoil the environment with my plastic and Alumüll. (Bottles of course have always been running for nothing on their own, most of them even before they're really empty.)

But there is salvation in sight, there are many practical alternatives that are not take at least 200 years before they slowly dissolve into their constituents: would we eg living in San Francisco or any other location in the States, we could order this compostable disposable tableware. At least there is a chance that after the next winter, everything will have eroded away under the snow. That's a great idea, the bad Alugrill with this reusable cardboard dishes more than make up for it. By the way, bio waste bags are included for easy cleaning.

also in the organic supermarkets of Germany and in the national on-line dispatch there is inzwzischen a large selection of bamboo, palm leaves or plastic tableware from strength, which joins without residue and unobtrusively again in the natural cycle. Either on the lawn or ideally on the compost.

The top of the range cutlery comes from WASARA, a brand in front of design-oriented disposable crockery is. Unfortunately, it is difficult to obtain in Germany, but dishes and bowls from WASARA can e.g. Ordered here or there on amazon or here.

Of course There is nothing wrong with using the normal porcelain or ceramic kitchenware for barbecuing, stowing it dirty in plastic bags, carrying it home, rinsing it and putting it in the closet. Also kinda crazy-shit-cool, no. For the very best barbecue karma.