Digital Inspiration: Hot Dogs & the City

When we are planning a visit to a large Swedish furniture store, the roles are pretty clear: Me Juggle euphoric with the folding rule and the catalog, in which about 100 PostIts pinch and tell the whole time of the new great napkins that you must have necessarily. The man sighs, looks fatefully to heaven, sees himself again dragging tons of small furniture home (somewhere, the napkins and tealights yes eventually gone) and focuses intensely on the only enjoyable for him at the whole event: The Hot Dogs/p>

That's what IKEA really thought of. While mommies pile tons of stuff in the cart, the kids just go to the smalland and the men to the hot dog do-it-yourself station. The Selbstklöppeln the sausage rolls provides not only a self-awareness course in assertiveness and advanced body motor skills, conveniently it also serves as a warm-up training for the small furniture - finally, there is always something at the decisive moment down and bid farewell to Nevermore.

At some point, the happy family reunites behind the checkout area, carefully making sure to maneuver the shopping trolleys accident-free through the ground-level cucumber silt and fried onion spit. I believe that IKEA is to blame for the fact that 95% of the German population grapple with a rather unsexy hot dog image: small sausages, flabby rolls and the battle for cucumbers and spicy sauces from long-lasting pump dispensers.

Let's turn today to a very appetizing film by the organic meat supplier Applegate and learn how enjoyable and imaginative such a hot dog can be. The correct sausages do not only carry beautiful city names and appear in unusual combinations. Every now and then they even leave their bread rolls and settle down in other environments.

Nice idea, nice implementation!

Many recipes for delicious HotDogs are also available on the homepage.