Ginger broth with carrot blossoms

Subdued mood - subdued images. I got visitors. Montezuma stopped by and kindly left his revenge. Hmph. Not only that, it does not make you feel good, you can not eat anything. And that's actually the worst part of the whole thing.

In this (and any other illness) case, my miracle soup always has to go: ginger broth with carrot blossoms. Ginger is my favorite remedy: It acts against nausea, is antibacterial, strengthens the immune system, provides for internal warmth and is also very delicious. I know, at this point, the ghosts often part, but I'm just a ginger fan. Ginger non-gmoers then just see the recipe as medicine.

It is important that a fresh tuber is used and not the powdered version of the tin. The ginger is joined by chicken broth and very soft-boiled carrots (for the look and feel of something to eat, gell).

Approx. Peel 5 cm ginger and cut very finely. Alternatively, you can finely grind it directly from the peeled tuber.
Bring 1 liter of water to a boil and add the ginger and 2 bouillon cubes of chicken.
Peel 1 carrot and cut into slices or pieces and also into the broth give. For a particularly appealing effect (after all you can now use any encouragement), I cut out longitudinally from the whole carrot at regular intervals small wedges out. If the carrot is then sliced, it will give the benevolent viewer small flowers.

Boil the broth for at least 30 minutes.

Hot spoon and cuddle back to bed.