Schnupppiep ice cream with plums, buttermilk and amaranth crisp

Yippiiiehhhh! The first plums from northern Germany are here! Shiny and plump they lie in the fruit shelf and my joy is only a very small clouded by the mäkelnden voice in my head, the whispers "Now it will be autumn ...". Disappear, you spoilsport! Now plum shopping is the order of the day.

And what are we doing with the purple-colored things? Actually, they demand a warm, soft yeast dough, in which they can sink with relish. Unfortunately, I'm still open, but fortunately equipped with a motorized ice machine. Paradox - but what the hell. So the plums come straight into the ice. It is - at least from a calendar point of view - still summer.

Tasty plum ice cream:

10 large plums wash, halve and so on Trigger stone. Add 4 tablespoons light syrup to the blender and not puree too finely - a few small plum pieces should still be there. Place 1/2 cup buttermilk with 150g yoghurt 3.7% and 1/2 cup cream in an ice cream maker. Add the plum puree and season with 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon . I also thought briefly about cardamom as an additional exciting aroma, but then did not want to make the taste too complex - the child should also enjoy the ice cream.

Start the ice cream maker and try after about 30 minutes to see if the ice cream is sweet enough. Cold or frozen foods will automatically taste less sweet. If necessary, add a little syrup and continue to freeze. Personally, I like my ice cream less sweetly and I would rather top up with toppings that set delicious accents: e.g. Amaranth krokant (a great word - it melts on your tongue!).

For Amaranth Broth , melt 2 tbsp brown cane sugar in a pan and add 3 tbsp puffed amaranth . Remove the pan from the heat and stir until the amaranth is completely covered with the caramel. Put on a piece of baking or parchment paper and let it cool down THOROUGHLY. ATTENTION! Even if the sugar is already frozen, the stuff can be devilishly hot. A bullet-shaped blister on my left index finger is the proof. So please be a little more patient than me and give the whole enough time to cool down. Thanks.

One more note about Amaranth: I've tried several times to pamper Amaranth myself. What works great with corn, but must be possible with other grains. However, I failed miserably and always had to dig black-burned small grains from my pots. Even variations with more and less oil or amaranth and different temperatures have brought no success. So I'm buying Amaranth ready puffed now. So. Should someone have had success with the self-puffing, I would be delighted with appropriate tips. Thanks again.

When the ice is ready frozen, put balls in bowls, sprinkle with the crumbled brittle and garnish with plum slices. The whole thing tastes refreshingly light with frozen yoghurt and fruity plums accompanied by sweet crunchy pieces.Where I bought the ice? With a proudly stretched cleavage, I was able to announce to the child that Mum made the ice cream herself (what a moment in a mother's life ;-). He then assured me with very, very big Bambi eyes, he would not have had any Schnupppiep candy today, so now he could get a Schnurzpiep ice cream. No idea how he got that, but we laughed heartily. Of course he got his Schnupppiep ice cream. And the ice cream got its name off.