Whhhaaa - Kurumba fever ahead! Win a stay at the Kurumba Maledives Resort with your greatest coconut recipe. And * BÄM *: I'm on the jury!

Kurumba Snorkeling_Safari You have acute wanderlust, you just want to get your head off or are you totally ready for a holiday? You also always wanted to see your favorite nail polish in this unbelievably blue waters of the Indian Ocean, have you bed-ins in a top resort from morning to night, snorkel safaris, loll for hours with cool, strong drinks under the palm trees, and for days no blue sky or see crystal clear water under you? Attention, here it comes: I have the solution and it may just be a coconut recipe away! Really, really, no joke.

Together with my lovely culinary blogger colleagues Kevin from The Stepford Husband and Jeanny of Sugar, Cinnamon & Love, I'm allowed to decide who's soon 6 luxurious days in worth $ 5,800 (or $ 4,500). Juhuuu, will be jury! And most of all, anyone, anyone over the age of 18 from Germany, Austria and Switzerland - whether with or without a blog - can really take part in his recipe. I am very, very, very much looking for to be one of you dream fulfillment assistant! (Because there are definitely tasks with a less fantastic Kharma!)


Kevin & Jeanny

By the way, this was Jeanny who had a few memorable days in spent the resort and has fallen madly in love with the small island, the sea and especially the coconuts. Since then she is in Kurumba fever and even prepares Kaiserschmarrn with coconut milk. Because Kurumba means coconut and symbolizes the already incredibly beautiful, densely covered with coconut palms island resort in the middle of the blue ocean:

Kurumba Aerial


Kurumba The_Beach_Bar_Outdoor


 Hotel and Resort image for Universal property of Kurumba, Maldives.

Kurumba Deluxe Pool Villa Belcony

Kurumba Ocean Grill

 Kurumba Ocean-Grill


Garden Pool Villa Bathroom

Kurumba Spa_pathway_dec_2012

Just uploading the pictures alone makes me wander ... but of course the jury can not join * sigh *. But what about you? Are you also in Kurumba fever now and would you like to start right away?700, - € per person.

So you go along with us and introduce us to your coconut recipe:
  • Think a delicious, fancy, funny, luxurious or even surprisingly simple coconut recipe . Drinks, mains, appetizers, ice cream, dessert ... everything is in.
  • Make a delicious photo of your prepared recipe.
  • Give the recipe a quick one great name containing the word "Kurumba"
  • Submit your recipe including instructions, photo, your name and address, and your date of birth by email zuckerzimtundliebe@web.de
  • OR: Post your recipe to your blog and send the link To Jeanny: zuckerzimtundliebe@web.de

Please read through the terms and conditions, which explain the competition again and also on the exploitation of the submitted Receive recipes and photos. Please make sure that you agree with the terms and conditions before submitting your recipe. Closing date for your recipe is 05.07.2013, 23:59.

How to find the winner

Jeanny posts all submissions the public Pinterest Board "Kurumba Maldives - Your Coconut Recipes".

The cook of the Kurumba Maldives Department will make a pre-selection of his favorites and we - the jury - will then select the 10 finalists and the Kurumba winner. The 10 finalists will be published in the digital Kurumba cookbook , which of course we will also introduce in our blogs.

I hope you like the raffle and you have a lot of fun , Cooking and Photography - I'm looking forward to the Pinterest board with a growing collection of inspiring coconut recipes and cooking. After all, we have summer!

I'll keep my fingers crossed -

Go Kurumba!

Kurumba Snorkeling